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About DAP


Achieving a step-change in the supply and integration of digital communication technologies within the UK built environment has the potential to deliver substantial benefits in terms of sustainability, building performance, productivity and quality of life. However, the UK market for integrated digital communication technology within the built environment is growing only very slowly. In part this is as a result of a lack of awareness among those able to influence the market in terms of the effective promotion of the technologies, the business case and having access to a supply side able to provide standardised solutions.

There is a disconnect between key stakeholder interests. Unless this disconnect is bridged and a collaborative work programme established then it is entirely likely that the quality and functionality of the UK building stock will fall behind that of our competitors. Currently in the UK no organisation exits to connect supply side and potential demand side interests in order to progress the digital communication agenda (digital infrastructure and digital services) across and between all market sectors. The DAP proposition will establish such an organisation.

Mission Statement

To support a step-change in levels of installation and application of integrated digital communication technologies within the UK built environment in support of public and private policy objectives for building performance including energy conservation, education, health services, quality of life and an information driven, more productive, more competitive economy. An outline of the possibility is illustrated in the figure below.


To support the mission statement a programme of activities is proposed to establish a critical mass of stakeholders who support market development and who are prepared to collaborate on measures that will promote the business and policy case and to identify and find solutions to any technical impediments. This initial work is being supported by DTI, DCLG and English Partnerships. The detail of this Programme will be established in discussion with principle stakeholders. It is anticipated that activities will include:

  • Establishing Communication groups to facilitate dialogue between demand side and supply side interests
  • Hosting a series of Debates to reinforce the business and policy case among clients, industry and policymaker interests and to inform the iteration of DAP services.
  • Convening an industry technical group committed to collaboration to develop a standardised Digital Access Provisions
  • Identify and promote Case Studies and national demonstration facilities in key market sectors which articulate the business case

Participating Organisations

Representatives from the following groups are participating in DAP:

  • infrastructure and telecommunication providers
  • hardware and software suppliers and system integrators of digital technology
  • representatives from key client and user groups
  • representatives from the construction industry
  • industry regulatory and Government policy interests
  • local government

Structure of DAP Forum

The DAP structure is being arranged as follows:

Sectoral Client, Supplier and User Fora - These integrated Fora will allow clients, users, construction and technology organisations to discuss issues, opportunities, impediments and consequential work programmes to support the take up of integrated digital communications within their sectors.

Technical Forum - To identify and engage with any technical or standards related issues which serve to impede the take up of integrated digital communications.

National Demonstration Facility at BRE's Innovation Park - Different commercial and social digital services will be demonstrated on test structures including homes and schools.

Special intrest groups to advanced the application of intergrated digital applications in suppourt of key public objectives including telecare and telehealth.

DAP forum secretariat -Will provide information and guidance on digital developments in building, as well as informing users of work undertaken by DAP. A communication programme involving events, articles in key journals and newsletters of professional associations will be developed.

Further Information

For further information on DAP Forum please contact Dr Ranjit Bassi at BRE on 01923 664448 or be email (