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DAP Assistive Demonstrator Tool

New Visions of healthcare in the home 

The demonstrates is a new approach to exercising informed customer choice for those needing assisted living support to manage chronic health conditions

Launching the DAP Demonstrator Tool

Click here for a demonstration into the future of assistive technology using real-life scenarios.

The Digital Access Provision (DAP) Forum has launched a unique DVD Demonstrator Tool to showcase how over the next few years those living with long term chronic health conditions as well as many others will be able to exercise much better informed choice of products that will better support the management of their conditions and be able to do this in the comfort and convenience of their own homes.

  • The Demonstrator Tool will initially function as a "model" of an approach that will:
  • Help people to better manage their chronic health conditions
  • Support those living with chronic conditions along with their carers and families to exercise much better informed customer choice as to those products and devices that best meet their health needs and personal preferences
  • Fit in with their lifestyle and capabilities
  • Enable more attractive support services that can be delivered in the comfort of their own home

That will open up opportunities for the definition and delivery of customer focused health and care services in the UK. This is seen as the start of a movement that will help establish a genuine consumer focused mass-market for assisted living devices which will encompass not just special products for those already suffering from particular chronic conditions but which will also respond to developments and opportunities in the "Lifestyle" and "Wellbeing" markets.  Not surprisingly the key to establishing this new market will involve harnessing the communication and data transfer potential of the internet coupled with the development of products that are compatible with each other.

In turn this new market should ensure much greater choice for customers, increased functionality through continuous improvement by manufacturers and, in the way of all other mass markets, achieve the economies of scale that will deliver much better value for money. The ambition has to be that this new market will also stimulate the delivery of new and more effective forms of service response from clinicians and social service professionals within both the public and private sectors.

This Demonstrator Tool is the first substantive output from the DAP Forum's assisted living research programme and its development has been managed by a group of technology, clinical and service specialist brought together by the Shared Learning Group.